Thursday, 13 May 2010

In which we are amazed and delighted at the product of a humble Tescos egg.....

With just a week to go until Rhiannon's first exam life is truly hectic - especially since we will have to travel to my sister's house in Wetherby so she can sit her exams in Harrogate!  It's always a major operation going anywhere with my lot - even if it's just for a day.  Trying to help Rhiannon in her last phases of exam preparation is hard work enough without having to get packed and organised for a week and a half away.

We enjoyed a lighter moment over the weekend though when our duck egg finally hatched!

The duckling is huge!  He/she is fit and healthy and has now moved to be with the lad who didn't believe a supermarket egg would hatch!  Don't worry, he does have a proper home to go to once he is old enough -we wouldn't have agreed to incubate the egg purely for experimental purposes!

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BekahCat said...

I didn't know this was eve possible! Wow!