Thursday, 6 August 2009

Fairies never go to bed.....

....according to my three year old! She has been walking around the Botanic Gardens of Wales all day dressed in a pair of fairy wings and a sparkly crown. We had a lovely day pond dipping, looking at what we'd caught under microscopes, and later, den building. A day when HE seems right and purposeful, when everyone is happy and learning by default.

Then later, I had a comment from an old "friend" on Facebook about HE and the proposed monitoring arrangements which were frankly derogatory to all home educators. The implication being that we were all lazy and just "couldn't be bothered to send our children to school". I was angry and upset, not just for myself but for all the many selfless, hardworking home educators I have met over the past three years. Maybe I've been lucky (or just oblivious) to have not encountered such prejudice before, but it brought home to me just how unaware most people are as to the law regarding education. How narrow minded people are. Sad to realise how people cannot see that everyone is different, so that a "one size fits all" style of education can never work. I am not in any way critical of those who send their children to school - I did it once - but how dare they criticise me for choosing to fully exercise my responsibility and right to educate my children in the way I see fit!

It only makes me feel more determined to make HE work for my children for as long as they want it - if they want to return to school then they know they are always free to do's part of the deal.

Anyway, I'm sorry to rant, but I feel injured by this attack - I guess I need to toughen up.

To explain why I haven't been blogging.......we have finally moved to our own house - it's been a stressful year with two moves, but hopefully we can get settled now.....and I can get blogging!


Carolyn said...

Trouble is with comments like that is that it makes you want to be really rude, doesn't it. And that just lets you and your side down.
I can't be bothered to speak to people like that because I lose all my eloquence and sound like a deranged fish wife!!!

Carol said...

I'm afraid that although I wasn't rude, I did rant a bit and then removed him from my list of "friends". I need to give myself time to think.....because of course afterwards I thought of much better things I could have said Ho hum!

Big mamma frog said...

That sort of stuff would make me so mad (and sad). As a good friend of mine says quite often 'let it go'. Sometimes you just have to focus on the stuff you can do and can change, otherwise it just eats away at you. Good to see you blogging again. Hope the house move went well.

Carol said...

Yes, I guess there's only so much you can change...this guys a policemen ad fancies himself a bit of an expert on youth! Worrying eh?

As for the house, we were lucky to move in that heatwave we all had. I think boxes will be a key feature of our interior design scheme for a while!!