Sunday, 31 May 2009

Surf and stuff.....

Highlight of the year.......the boys have joined Surf Club!! 2 hours of madness on a Sunday evening. It's what they've been waiting for ever since we moved to Pembrokeshire. And what a fantastic evening for their first surf lesson! Incidentally it was off of the very same beach where they recently filmed scenes for the next Harry Potter movie "The Deathly Hallows" - but that is irrelevant really! The only magic today was in the moment!

Apart from that we've been having an odd sort of time where I don't feel we are "getting much done" in the way of HE. But maybe those are the times when we achieve the most! Here are a couple of things that happen when "nothing happens".......

Jo has been studying the laws of physics!

Rhiannon continues to explore creative possibilities....this time with silk.

Oh yes, and when I don't interfere they just read alot....................they'd much rather read than empty the dishwasher - then again, come to think of would I!


gregoryupnorth said...

Sounds fabulous hun.. Loved the use of the Jenga puzzle.. Billy does the same but with KAPLA pieces! Keep the updates coming. Love to you all. XXXX

Carlotta said... that Jenga for real? Off to try!

Carol said...

Yes it's real! No smoke and mirrors used at all!

Big mamma frog said...

Not even a bit of super glue? Ok, will get my guys to try...unless they sniff that it might have some educational virtue. Glad to hear you guys doing ok. Was thinking about you at Horspath on Thursday. Surfing sounds fab. REally miss the seaside!

Carol said...

No honestly - NO SUPERGLUE!! I think there were other supports in place that they removed at the end! Think they got the idea from youtube so definitely no educational purpose!!

And the seaside is our reason for being's FAB!!!

You should come and visit sometime and put in some surfing yourself!