Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Dragons, drawing and discovery!

Just had to share this beautiful pencil drawing my daughter did yesterday for a birthday card.

So far she's self taught, (with the exception of a painting and drawing correspondence course she has been doing.) She's thinking of doing an art/design based National Diploma next year at Pembrokeshire College. It will be interesting to see what professional guidance can do for her work. But I'm glad she's already learnt to be self-reliant! She has already learnt to discover how to do things for herself. She has no one to tell her how to create an effect here. Every day is a journey of discovery!

I think that now she needs more, but I hope she will never forget to believe in her own ability to find a solution to a "problem".


gregoryupnorth said...

WOW! Amazing.. very talented girl. What you have done for them is amazing...and I know that they (will) appreciate it for many years to come. Thinking of you all. XXX

Carol said...

Thanks June! I hope we're doing the right thing for them! They're certainly happy, thriving and learning.

Carolyn said...

There is no doubt about having done the right thing for them, especially Rhiannon. Her drawing is fabulous...I still have the one she did for me last year.
Keep it up!!!!

gregoryupnorth said...

You most definitely are...Billy has just finished the Waldorf school here and is now attending an International School in Nice - not too sure we are 100% happy as we would have loved to have continued with the Steiner system.. but is not to be.( the nearest one being about 4 hours away!!!!) Billy is VERY happy where he is so for me that is worth something. Keep doing what you are doing my dear! Love to you all. XXX